Factors to Consider When Using Power Strips in Your Home

For most homeowners, power strips provide an extra source of electricity when the plugs in their home are insufficient. Many people find this a challenge since modern usage does not keep up with older designs. If you are using a power strip like many people, there are some things that an electrician near me in Johnson City, TN wants you to know to stay safe.

Never Plug One Power Strip Into Another

This is one of the most dangerous things that you can do when using power strips. This is called daisy-charging and overloads the circuit very quickly, which increases the odds of an electrical fire. This also violates safety codes so do not do this under any circumstances.

Understand Voltage Capacity

Check out the load capacity of the power strip that you purchase and use in the home. Many people do not realize the power strips have these voltage capacity ratings but they do. If you are certain not to exceed these limits you reduce the risk of fire hazard.

How Long Will the Power Strip Be Used?

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Another mistake that homeowners make when using power strips is using them for prolonged periods of time. This is never a good idea and increases safety risks for the family and at the home.

Avoid Electrical Dangers

It is important that the powerstrip is not covered because this can increase the risk of a fire. You should also avoid placing power trips anywhere near water. We all know that electricity and water are not very good friends.

Replace Power Strips as Necessary

Damaged power strips are also an increase in safety risks and should be tossed in the trash. Do not use damaged power strips under any circumstances unless you like the idea of danger.